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Peter Thomson: Case Study


Peter didn’t just make it in life. He made it…twice.

By the time he was 40, he didn’t even flinch when he was asked to pay over $7000 monthly for his beautiful mansion. Life was good.

Peter decided to trust someone else to run his company. He had no idea what he was into. Within a year, the shares of his company plummetted and he lost everything – including his beautiful house.

Back at square one. Peter however is not one to give up. Starting all over again, Peter decided to prove that his success wasn’t dependent on luck.

He gathered all the previous knowledge he accumulated and paved a way for himself again. This time, by paving the way for others.

Peter spends his time helping others and teaching them how to do what he’s best at: building a fortune for nothing. He’s back on his feet and he teaches others how to do the same.